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A core part of Bellingen Riverwatch is the dedicated team of local volunteer citizen scientists, who undertake monthly water quality testing across 22 sites along the Bellinger and Kalang rivers. 

This is complemented by Faecal Coliform testing by OzGREEN and bi-annual water quality testing by Scientists from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Volunteers have been trained in water quality monitoring techniques by lead scientists in the field and participate in extra optional training and workshops as the project unfolds (e.g. bird identification, water bug identification, etc).

Meet Our Volunteers


We asked our volunteers why they got involved in Bellingen Riverwatch...


Cassandra Vockler

"I recently moved to Bellingen and my niece, Skye, invited me to come along with her when she was doing the water testing. Having recently retired from a career in science I thought it would be a great way to help collect vital data needed to further understand the increasing stresses we put on our environment. Good data collection is at the core of good science so it is fundamental that we collect as much as possible.

It also helps me integrate into the community and  I get to spend time by the river with my niece."



"In our little town of Bellingen, we are very lucky to have the Bellingen Riverwatch project making it possible for locals to become more educated and involved. I’ve loved sharing the information learnt with my children, and watching them learn, asking questions, and playing an active part in it.
I’ve loved learning from the team and seeing their passion and enthusiasm around the project. I'd definitely recommend citizen science to anyone. It’s educational, inspiring and for people who didn't have university opportunities or have different careers. It’s a way to get involved in science and help."


More volunteer bios coming soon!

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