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Our Data



2017-2018 Data Report

This report shows the dissolved oxygen, phosphates and temperature data across the Bellinger River, Never Never River, Rosewood site and Kalang River from June 2017 to June 2018. 

When interpreting data, we have used the ANZECC Water Quality Guidelines for a healthy lowlands river system. Downloadable PDF coming soon





Current Data Spreadsheet

Our current full data spreadsheet is available here

Where We Test

The Bellingen Riverwatch program sees volunteers take monthly water quality data at 15 core sites and 7 additional sites across the Bellinger and Kalang Rivers.

What We Test For

Bellingen Riverwatch Volunteers conduct site assessments, take site photos and test water samples for the following indicators of river health:

  • Temperature;
  • pH;
  • Electrical Conductivity (Salinity);
  • Turbidity;
  • Available Phosphate; and
  • Dissolved Oxygen.

This is complemented by Faecal Coliform testing by OzGREEN and bi-annual water quality testing by Scientists from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

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