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How to Help the Turtle

There are many things we can do to maintain river health and support the recovery of the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle.

1. Donate  

Firstly, we need to support Bellingen Riverwatch into the future.

To help build a picture of a catchments’ health, ongoing and regular monitoring of water quality is required to build what’s called ‘baseline data’ - a long-term picture of what’s considered normal conditions for that particular waterway. This baseline information is important for river health and the future of the turtles, as the more we know about the river the better informed we are regarding what to do next.

Sustaining a highly functioning community project such as this requires adequate on-ground scientific and administrative support to ensure that our volunteers are well trained and equipped, our data is well communicated and our partnerships are nurtured. Make a regular or one-off gift to support this program into the future.

Donate to Bellingen Riverwatch

2. Go before you Go

Go to the toilet before you leave home when visiting the river. The only public toilet on the Bellinger, Never Never and Kalang rivers is at Lavenders Bridge.

3. Keep a Clean Routine

Thorough cleaning of boats and equipment when moving from place to place on the Bellinger and between the Bellinger and oth

er waterways reduces the risk of transporting the BRV virus. Wash down canoes with soapy water and dry thoroughly before re-use.

Community members can also help minimise the risk of spreading the virus by swimming in only one location, or cleaning and drying swimming gear between visits. 


4. Report Turtle Sightings

Report turtle sightings using Turtle SAT, and report nesting sights, and sick or dead turtles on (02) 6659 8200 or Bellinger.turtle@environment.nsw.gov.au. To report sick or dead turtles, phone 131 555.


5. Subscribe to our free Monthly River Health News

Each month, we send out a River Health newsletter, reporting on the parameters that are of particular importance to turtle recovery - Available Phosphates and Dissolved Oxygen. Sign up here


6. Buy a T-shirt or Keep-Cup

Another great way to spread the word is by wearing one of our awesome t-shirts or using one of our keep-cups. 

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7. Volunteer with Us

We are always in need of more volunteers to support our monthly monitoring across the catchment. We currently need both Assigned and Roving volunteers. Roving Volunteers support the testing at core sites and step in if our water testing volunteers are ill or away.

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8. Sponsor Us

Bellingen Riverwatch is currently seeking sponsors to support this wonderful project. 

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9. Come to an Event

Bringing people together around river health is incredibly important for our future.  

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10. Like Us on Facebook

We want to raise awareness far and wide about river health, the plight of the turtle, and how our local and global communities can help. By liking us on Facebook, you can help build our community of supporters.

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How River Landholders can help 

Landholders have an important role in maintaining river health. Read more

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