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Bellingen Riverwatch is currently seeking sponsors to support this incredible project. We have a wide range of sponsorships on offer to suit every business. 

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Only 4 years to secure a future for this species

It is difficult to describe the extent of the concern our community felt for our river in 2015 when we lost almost all of our beautiful turtles. Bellingen Riverwatch has empowered our community to transform their concern into dedicated, constructive action. In turn, we have witnessed a positive change in our local community, which will ultimately contribute to a healthy river system.

However, the situation remains critical for the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (BRST). The virus responsible for mass turtle deaths left only juveniles in our river system. It takes 5 years for the BRST to reach breeding age.  

As we see it, we have a 4 year mandate to monitor the river health in that time, grow community awareness and education about how to care for our river, and improve riparian zones to support the turtle. Not only that, but there is a critical need to support scientific research into the virus, to establish ongoing river condition and potential triggers.

Our most urgent three sponsorships are Kit Sponsors, Riparian Workshops Sponsors and Youth Leading the World sponsors.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration of our sponsorships. 


Kit Sponsors | $3000 - URGENT!

We don't have enough water testing kits!

Our most urgent need at present is funding five more water testing kits to support our dedicated volunteers to gather consistent monthly data. We're crowdfunding to buy one water testing kit and are hoping to find four businesses to become kit sponsors.

The water testing kit you sponsor will go to one of our volunteers so they can test monthly at a site identified as critical by our scientists. The data they collect is accessed by our eleven partners nationally and supports the recovery of our Critically Endangered turtle.

Your donation goes to the heart of the program - consistently monitoring our river's health. 

Our River. Our Future.

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2. Riparian Workshop Sponsors | $3000

Empower the community to build nesting zones for our turtles.

Sponsor a riparian workshops that sees Bellingen Riverwatch volunteers, community volunteers, Landcare and the Bellingen Shire Council come together to rebuild riparian zones for our turtles

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3. Youth Leading the World Sponsors | $2500 - URGENT!

Bellingen Riverwatch focused Youth Leading the World congress

Imagine thousands of young people coming together across the planet, to learn about global sustainability challenges such as energy, food, climate change, biodiversity and water and plan together how they can lead positive social change. 

YOUth LEADing the World (YLTW) is an annual program of activities, that begins with an energising 3-day youth leadership congress conducted simultaneously in multiple interconnected locations. 

In 2019, OzGREEN is hosting a congress in Bellingen with a Bellingen Riverwatch focus! OzGREEN would like to thank the Bellingen Shire Council for their support of this event. 

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