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Update on recent storm damage to our office

Good News - the house and office have been repaired! The tree that fell down and caused all the damage is thriving and has resumed growing. During the repairs we took stock - a lot- cleaning out the office and throwing out all the water damaged gear.

news-et-2.jpgBocosse - Village Work

We now have four very smart painted and, most importantly, clean wells in the village. The villagers had a wonderful time doing the work. Another four wells are waiting to be done. 12 existing bio sand filtration units have been repaired and we are in the process of providing another 7 to new families in the village. Very exciting project has seen a pump pipes and hoses added so the villagers are busy preparing a Community garden.

news-et-3.jpgPune - Village Work

Beginning of new and important work at this remote village at the end of the worst road in East Timor. The challenge here is the lack of water. The region is made up of a collection of villages housing 350 families, where 3000 people have access to one tank for two hours a day.


news-et-5.jpgGreen Games

The great news here is that plans are underway to hold the games in Pune, with the assistance and support of a local NGO. Teams are coming from the sub-district of Oesilo and everyone is excited aboutt the games. So far 32 teams have registered

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