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    Today's Changemakers

    Support Today's Change Makers

    OzGREEN has trained over 1050 Youth Leading the World facilitators from 100 regions across the world. Our facilitators are front line leaders in their local communities.  They step up when there is crisis and they work very hard for the long-term benefit of their communities.

    Many of our facilitators are leading change and sharing first-hand accounts of the challenges they face.  This is a space is to celebrate their achievements and support their ongoing efforts.

    Support Kirabati Youth to Share Their Voice

    We are raising funds to purchase a computer to assist Kirabati youth to participate in our global online Youth Leading the World Congress

    Kiribati is a Pacific Island nation that is one of the lowest lying countries on Earth.  It's people, culture and history are being seriously threatened by increasing tropical storm surges and rapidly rising sea levels.  Survival is a day to day struggle. 

    Ntara Baikia lives in Kirabati and has been involved with OzGREEN for nine years. In 2012 some of OzGREEN's donors, including Bellingen Solar, very kindly supported Ntara to fly to Sydney to train to become a YLTW Facilitator. Since becoming a facilitator Ntara has empowered Kiribati youth to find their voice and discuss solutions for their climate change challenges.

    Ntara would like Kirabati youth to participate in OzGREEN's upcoming global online Youth Leading the World congress on 8th, 9th, 10th July, but she is unable to access to a computer.  

    If OzGREEN can raise enough funds to purchase just one computer Kirabati's young people will be able to participate in OzGREEN's Youth Leading the World congress and share their climate change concerns and solutions with an international audience.  

    Please support this very important cause by making a tax deductible donation to OzGREEN.  Your donation will provide access to critically needed technology and enables Kirabati youth to connect with other change makers from all around the world.



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    Word Water Day Fundraising Evening Tickets

    Please purchase your tickets for the fundraising evening here. You will receive a copy of them via email.


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    Check out OzGREEN. I just joined.

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    Alternatively, direct your donation to a specific program:  

    Donate to Chuffed Campaign

    The recent bushfires have had a devastating impact on Australia. Families have lost loved ones, thousands of homes have been destroyed, ancient forests have been decimated and countless animals have been injured and killed. Young people are distressed and anxious.

    Youth Leading the World (YLTW) is an award winning program that equips young people with skills to address environmental challenges. The program inspires innovative action and enables young people to become leaders of positive change locally and globally.

    Our program will allow bushfire victims to voice their concerns, create a new vision for the future and develop action plans that achieve positive social and environmental outcomes for their communities. YLTW is designed to generate hope.

    Donate to Chuffed Campaign

    Donate to East Timor

    This Christmas why not give a gift to someone you do not know and you will never meet, but who will be forever grateful that you thought of them. Donate a small amount of money and you can provide a family with the basic necessities which we, in Australia take for granted. 

    Donate to East Timor

    Bellingen Riverwatch

    It is difficult to describe the extent of the concern our community felt for our river in 2015, when we lost an estimated 90% of our beautiful turtles in an approximate 6-week period. Bellingen Riverwatch has empowered our community to transform their concern into dedicated, constructive action.

    One-Time Donation to Bellingen Riverwatch

    Regular Donation to Bellingen Riverwatch 

    Donate to YLTW "Global Seeder"

    We need your help to extend our reach and equip more young people to become the change makers our environment needs. We have no doubt that these young people are going to have a positive impact on people, communities and the environment, as many of our existing leaders have. Make more of an impact and become a 'Youth Leading the World Global Seeder'. Your donation allows us to provide training for more young people and enable them to become advocates and change-makers for the environment.

    Become a YLTW Global Seeder

    We thank you for your support because we simply can't do it without you.


    Oz Green-Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (Australia) Incorporated is registered as a charity with the Australian ACNC-Registered-Charity-Logo_RGB.pngCharities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 82 828 395 461.



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