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Anton Juodvalkis

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    Pulse of the Pandemic

    Like everyone across the world, the OZGREEN team are deeply concerned. We have been asking ourselves what we can do and have created a new online community program "Pulse of the Pandemic" (PoP).

    PoP uses OzGREEN's process to inform, inspire and invite people to innovate. We see that OzGREEN's focus on social innovation and community driven change is more important than ever. We have piloted the program with a few of our team and conducted a public pilot as well.

    We are now running PoP on a weekly basis. If you would like to participate, please click here to register. We know that times are difficult for many people, so we have left you the option of paying whatever you are able.

    Stay home and stay safe.

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    New Chief Executive Officer to lead OzGREEN into the future.

    February 05, 2019
    Contact: Jason Errey

    International not-for-profit OzGREEN has appointed Anton Juodvalkis as Chief Executive Officer, taking over the reins from co-founder and long-time CEO, Sue Lennox.

    Sue Lennox and Anton Juodvalkis

    OzGREEN is an independent not-for-profit that was founded in 1992.  Its unique approach incorporates citizen science, transformative sustainability education, participatory leadership and community development; all centred on enabling community driven sustainability solutions.  The organisation operates in Australia, South Asia, South-East Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and East Timor. 

    Under the leadership of Sue Lennox, co-founder and previous CEO, OzGREEN has worked with over 1,600 communities globally and trained 50,000 environmental leaders.  OzGREEN has achieved significant national and international recognition.  This includes the Buckminster-Fuller Catalyst Program which recognised OzGREEN as being in the top ten percent of social innovators in the world, the Eureka Prize, which is Australia’s most comprehensive national science award, a Banksia Award for citizen science, a UN Media Peace Award and the UNESCO Wenhui Award.

    Sue has achieved amazing things with OzGREEN over the years” said Jason Errey, Chair of the Board.  “I am very pleased that Anton Juodvalkis will be taking over as CEO.  He has developed a close working relationship with Sue, holding a board position for the last two years and, brings both experience and passion to take OzGREEN into the future.  On a more personal note,it is heart-warming to see both Sue and OzGREEN moving forward just two short years after the passing of her husband and co-founder Col Lennox. I know Anton is keenly aware of the legacy he has been entrusted with and will ensure it is cared for.

    “It is now more than ever we need OzGREEN in the world. There is a very small window of opportunity to tackle big challenges like climate change and the Murray-Darling. Youth have a key role to play. It is great to have Anton bring new energy and commitment to help OzGREEN achieve even greater impact”, said Sue Lennox.

    Anton has a broad ranging skillset, including corporate governance, risk management, project management, IT, change management, accounting, procurement, asset management and engineering.  He is passionate about environmental issues and empowering youth.

    “I am very excited about working with OzGREEN.  OzGREEN’s Youth Leading the World educational and leadership program is revolutionary in that it engages youth and applies the concept of exponential growth to solve the urgent environmental problems that confront us.  No-one else is doing this.  OzGREEN is also one of the leading citizen science organisations in Australia and has a long history of working in the Murray-Darling region, India and East Timor”, said Anton.

    Sue will remain a member of the Board of OzGREEN and will continue to be actively involved the organisation.


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