OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

An inspiring vision

In July we ran a Youth Leading the World competition asking OzGREEN supporters:

In 150 words or less, tell us what your vision for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable future is and how we can get there.

We received incredible visionary responses and would like to thank everyone who participated. Our panel of judges chose one outstanding response as the winner of a sustainable living pack from Tierra y Mar Australia. 

Thank you Aditi Verma from NSW for your inspiring response:

"My vision of a fairer, healthier and more sustainable future is where people are emotionally, physically and spiritually connected to nature and appreciate the environment for being finite. I envision a future where children lead the conservation and rehabilitation of the environment, and where they can set the legacy of future generations. With current environmental management plans, the responsibility is handed to those who are creating the environment for now, rather than looking forward to the future and essentially missing the sustainability objective. We can reach this aspiration by handing a greater responsibility and environmental role to the younger generations, such as those in primary and high school. This includes implementing basic knowledge on agriculture, animal/plant species and bringing the classroom outdoors for increased engagement. By giving the power back to young people, not only are we ensuring their voices are heard, but we are also guaranteeing a sustainable future."

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