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Ban the Bag in NSW on Change.Org

One of our newly trained YLTW Facilitators, Chloe Christensen, has started campaigning with a powerful petition on Change.org calling on the NSW Government to Ban The Bag in New South Wales.  Plastic being one of the biggest contributors to pollution in our environment today.

Chloe was inspired after her recent attendance at OzGREEN's Youth Leading the World Facilitator Training in the Hunter Valley.  Chloe said she was "energised and inspired after the 2 day course, and a long term passion of hers was ignited and without further delay she started up the campaign"  as with all Change.org petitions it begins with just 1 signature.  

Show Chloe your support by signing up to her petition on Change.Org below.  Remember DONT FORGET TO SHARE.

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