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Become a Bellingen Riverwatch volunteer

Volunteer with Us

We test on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, so if you are available on those days, have access to a car, and are interested in joining the team keeping an eye on our rivers, come to our next training days!


All volunteers need to also complete a Bellingen Riverwatch Registration Form prior to attending our events. 

Assigned Volunteers

Assigned volunteers test at the same site each month. Testing takes place on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month so you will need to be available on either of those days and have access to a car.

Roving Volunteers

Our roving volunteers are an invaluable part of the program. 

Roving volunteers support the testing at core sites and step in if our water testing volunteers are ill or away. Also, if one of our volunteers move, or their commitments change, we fill these positions from our roving volunteers, who are fully trained, thus, we have no down-time when vacancies arise. 

Being a Roving Volunteers involves being called upon as needed. Water testing is conducted on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month and roving volunteers are given site information and kit pick-up location information with as much notice as possible. 

We estimate that roving volunteers might be called upon once every two or three months to test and recommend allowing 4 hours for testing, including travel time.

Roving volunteers are trained in basic water quality testing by OzGREEN Co-Founder and CEO, Sue Lennox, and are supported by our Bellingen Riverwatch Program Coordinator, Amy Denshire. 

It usually requires about two or three training sessions before volunteers feel comfortable to conduct testing on their own. Please download the latest version of the Volunteer Manual here if you would like to read up on the training prior to get a feel for what's involved. 

"I’ve loved sharing the information learnt with my children, and watching them learn, asking questions, and playing an active part in it." - Skye, Volunteer

Register Your Interest

Fill in the form below to register your interest in joining our team of volunteers and Amy, Project Coordinator, Amy will contact you shortly. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Amy on 0490 068 685 or [email protected] 

Bellingen Riverwatch Registration Form

2020 Training Days 

Our next training day is coming up on Wednesday 23rd September. Register at the link below: 

Bellingen Riverwatch Volunteer Training Day Registration Form - Wednesday 23rd September 2020