OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change



Since 2010, OzGREEN and SERES have celebrated a dynamic and productive co-learning partnership that has helped to establish peer-relationships between emerging young leaders in Australia and Central America and an international learning community of development and sustainability practitioners working on environmental justice, sustainability and climate change issues.

Seres have taken the Youth Leading the World model and adapted it to great success in Central America, building a network of young leaders working in their local communities for sustainability. They were recently recognised with a United Nations award for the achievements of the network of 2400 young people.

Why Central America? 

Guatemala and El Salvador are two of the most populous countries in Central America, and form part of the world’s 4th largest biodiversity hotspot. Over 65% of the population are under 30, and this demographic is predicted to increase in the coming years. The lack of access to proper education, a limited understanding of the socio-environmental challenges of the region and the dearth of community leaders has broad social ramifications not only regionally but internationally as well.

The situation has reached a critical point. With limited resources, virtually no social models to encourage leadership or environmental stewardship and a disintegrating civil society, the next generation holds the key as to whether the destruction of natural resources, high levels of food insecurity, environmental health problems, extreme poverty and escalating crime and violence can be halted. 


The next generation – and those that follow – are our hope for shifting this trajectory and working together to accelerate actions towards a more peaceful, sustainable and resilient future.  See Seres website

What We Do:

At the core of SERES work is our Youth Sustainability Leadership programmatic series. With foundations in OzGREEN's award-winning YLTW program, SERES has developed this curriculum and material to be locally appropriate and have high-impact in the region. The programs engage with young people as leaders and change makers and builds their skills through a progression of facilitated training programs, exchanges and workshops. In just over 4 years, we have had a 20-fold increase in outreach and impact, both of which continue to grow strongly.

Through these programs, SERES seeks to close the gap between international development efforts and local impact by building a corps of local sustainability leaders that have the tools, knowledge and resources to build and sustain healthy, resilient and prosperous communities. Our goal is a corp of 7,000 sustainability leaders in Central America by 2020.  


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