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East Timor Project

September 2022 Update

There is alot happening in GREENTL – building the housing for the composting toilet, two fish farms and, of course, the Youth-in-Action GREEN Games.

Looks as though we will have over 25 soccer teams so add volleyball, basketball and a marathon to that and the Games will be BIG!

This is a good one but still a problem -  the more teams we accept the more the games cost due to the extra time involved, extra games for the referees, more fuel costs, hundreds more water bottles and so on. Can you help? 

Other updates from this newsletter:

  • GREENTL gets Women’s Soccer up and running in Oecusse!
  • Fish Ponds
  • Loron Hamos Mondu Tomak. World Clean up Day

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July 2022 Update 

Judy is heading back to Oecusse in 4 weeks when hopefully things will have evened out. There are many students in Oecusse needing help to further their education. Several are already being helped by friends of mine but there are others just as needy.

1. A young girl, Anita Maria Ucat, (Nita) whom I have known for many years is now in her final year of Public Management and Administration at Dili Institute of Technical Studies in Oecusse. She has had to defer due to lack of funds but is hoping to continue in October this year. She now needs to decide on the topic for her thesis, research and write under supervision and then present the thesis to an audience of DIT staff. For this she will need $520US ($750Aus).

2. Imaculada Sua Sali (Ima) whom I mentioned in the last newsletter still needs assistance to complete her course. She has three more years to go in her Nursing Studies, a total of $1400US ($1940Aus) should cover her expenses over the three years. Ima is the first of her family to complete secondary education so to go on to Tertiary level is a great achievement! She is really enjoying her studies and when I was there she was in the middle of examinations which she felt were going well.

Any help you can give to either of these two students will be greatly appreciated.

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May 2022 Update

GREEN TL has obviously been relatively quiet for the last two years with covid restrictions, floods, illness and the election (more on this in the newsletter), although now that restrictions are easing and the world seems to be returning to a less chaotic state GREEN TL has plenty to do.

The team are excitedly planning to kickstart the program with many projects returning in the near future including:
- The GREEN Games

- Reintroducing the marathon 
- Build at least two fish ponds 
- Plan for youth activities in schools
- Well rehabilitation
- Pumps for vegetable gardens
- More bio-sand filtration units
- Finalising the composting toilet, parts of which were lost in the floods.

As long as covid, dengue fever and the general mayhem of working in Oecusse go their way, the team in will be kept very busy.

Exciting times ahead for the GREEN TL Team, see the Newsletters page for the latest Timor Leste Newsletter.

October 2020 Update

GREEN TL has been kept busy with several successful projects:

  • Food Packages and Face Masks.
  • Water Storage
  • Scholarships for Oecusse School Students.

With funds provided earlier this year, GREEN TL has, in partnership with Eastwood/Gladesville Rotary Club, delivered food packages and face masks, to several villages. In my last update I commented on the face mask project so will only add here that the face masks were well made, well received and put to good use.

May 2020 Update

What a year 2020 has become for us all! Fires, floods and now the coronavirus. I am sure we can come out of this as a stronger and more resilient society – at least I hope so!

Timor Leste of course has faced similar problems, floods, a severe outbreak of dengue fever and now the corona virus, but in a country like that – with the majority of the population living well below the poverty line, low health levels, poor hygiene, crowded housing and contaminated water supplies the effects of the coronavirus could be disastrous. So far they have been lucky.


Have a look on the Newsletters page for the latest Timor Leste Newsletter.

2019 Youth-in-action Green Games

Since 2007 the Youth in Action GREEN Games has evolved into what it is now – the single, biggest, most important, annual sporting competition in the enclave, in fact probably in Timor leste! Over the last 13 years the majority of the population of Oecusse has been involved in one way or another, some of the players watched from the sidelines when they were too little to play and are now taking their turn! We have held the games in several sub-districts with the intention of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to participate – Obeau, Padeia, Pune, Passabe, Boaknana and now Lifau.

Fundraising for East Timor

Harbord Primary, Ryde Secondary and Kinma are currently fund raising for the Oecusse people, the money will go towards clean water and vegetable gardens. In addition, Epping Boys High are organising to put together 100 small boxes with such things as exercise books, pencils, erasers, small toys, school caps and whatever else they can lay their hands on. These boxes will be distributed by Green TL to an isolated primary school in Oecusse. They are also sending seeds and other equipment for vegetable gardens in schools. Narrabeen North PS have donated many hats, jackets and school uniforms to Oecusse, these are very popular and even though they come from a primary school they seem to fit everyone from children to adults in Oecusse!

Apart from some funding in the Global Grant for vegetable gardens and bio-sand filtration units we also have funding from schools and a District Grant with Eastwood/ Gladesville Rotary. This will allow us to put in many more water filtration units and several pump systems for vegetable gardens.

Youth-in-Action GREEN Games

We are quite proud of what GREEN TL has achieved with these games - 12 years and still going strong and the spin offs – leadership skills, community interaction, confidence building, peace enhancement, fun, friendships and many lasting memories. The enthusiasm of the organising committee inspired to do their best by Luis Armando’s leadership is wonderful to see. Now that the Boaknana community has a good volley ball court, useable soccer field and organisational ability they can run their own events. The importance of youth activities such as sport in Oecusse can not be over emphasised. As per usual all games were played with great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and intensity. Both men and women players showed incredible skill. How the soccer players ran across the gravestones within the sidelines, without tripping over I am not sure. There were several incidences of twisted knees or ankles but after a few manipulations the players got up and ran, limping onwards!


Update on recent storm damage to our office

Good News - the house and office have been repaired! The tree that fell down and caused all the damage is thriving and has resumed growing. During the repairs we took stock - a lot- cleaning out the office and throwing out all the water damaged gear.

news-et-2.jpgBocosse - Village Work

We now have four very smart painted and, most importantly, clean wells in the village. The villagers had a wonderful time doing the work. Another four wells are waiting to be done. 12 existing bio sand filtration units have been repaired and we are in the process of providing another 7 to new families in the village. Very exciting project has seen a pump pipes and hoses added so the villagers are busy preparing a Community garden.


Pune - Village Work

Beginning of new and important work at this remote village at the end of the worst road in East Timor. The challenge here is the lack of water. The region is made up of a collection of villages housing 350 families, where 3000 people have access to one tank for two hours a day.

news-et-5.jpgGreen Games

The great news here is that plans are underway to hold the games in Pune, with the assistance and support of a local NGO. Teams are coming from the sub-district of Oesilo and everyone is excited about the games. So far 32 teams have registered