OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Global Youth Leading the World (YLTW) 2018

Interconnected Congresses in multiple locations 23-30 November 2018

Imagine thousands of young people coming together across the planet, to tackle global sustainability challenges such as energy, food, climate change, biodiversity and water and plan together how they can LEAD POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE. YOUth LEADing the World (YLTW) is an OzGREEN initiative, that begins with an energising annual 3-day youth leadership congress conducted simultaneously in multiple interconnected locations.

Through YLTW young people become:

  • INFORMED: about global challenges, SDGs and sustainable living.
  • INNOVATORS: develop action plans for positive social change.
  • INTERCONNECTED: with change-makers locally and globally.

We are now preparing for multiple interconnected YLTW Congresses to run simultaneously around the world 23-30 November 2018.

OzGREEN trains local people to run YLTW in their own region. To date we have trained 970 Facilitators globally. In the lead up to November, we are conducting YLTW Facilitator Trainings in 4 different time zones. The first is for Africa-MiddleEast-Europe 6-7-8 July.

Through YLTW, OzGREEN is openly sharing the skills and experience OzGREEN has gained over 25 years of delivering recognized excellence in transformative sustainability leadership and social innovation for community driven change.


OzGREEN trains people to run YLTW in their own region, strengthening capacity, sustainability, resilience and vibrancy of regional communities. Real-time live online training makes YLTW more accessible to international and remote communities. YLTW gives people solution-focused tools to tackle sustainability challenges, generate a vision and innovate action plans. Key focal areas in the training include global sustainability challenges, eco-footprint, participatory leadership, Strategic Questioning and deep listening, visioning, VIBRANT goals and action planning.

The training is highly participatory, giving new facilitators the tools and confidence to run YLTW in their own region.  To date we have trained over 970 Facilitators to run YLTW in their own region.


The YLTW Congress is a highly participatory program.

Day 1: Global Challenges: Eco footprint; Pulse of the Planet (local and global sustainability challenges - climate change, water, energy, food, biodiversity); youth prioritising their concerns (local and global); creating a vision for sustainable future;

Day 2: Be the Change: Creating change brainstorm; one planet living plan; social innovation for sustainability; sharing ideas with other YLTW locations; inspiring change stories; what can you see yourself doing? - action planning to achieve sustainability vision;

Day 3: Begin it Now: Youth-led Community Forum for government and local businesses, parents, teachers, principals and the public - designed and run by youth to seek opportunities for collaboration and support for their action plans.

Ongoing mentoring - Local YLTW Facilitators provide regular support as youth implement their action plans.


OzGREEN, YLTW Partners and Facilitators have gained significant recognition, including Victorian LGPro Award for Excellence in Sustainability, Victorian Young Achiever, ACT/NSW Young Achiever, Green Globe and UNESCO Wenhui Award Finalists. Participants say the most significant outcomes are greatly increased:

  • understanding of climate change and sustainability (from 4/10 before to 9/10 after).
  • motivation, personal confidence and leadership capacity to tackle sustainability challenges locally and globally (from 3/10 before to 8/10 after)
  • interconnected - sense of being part of an active community of youth change-makers locally and globally (from 2/10 before to 9/10 after).


Building global partnerships

February– November

YLTW Facilitator Trainings in 4 time zones globally


Simultaneous Interconnected YLTW Congresses (3 days in this period)

23-30 November 2018

Follow up local support for youth inspired change

December – November 2019

Repeat as needed!

2019 and beyond

November 23, 2018 at 9:00am - November 30, 2018
Global - multiple interconnected locations
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