OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change


OzGREEN's GREEN Heart programs are dedicated to "Developing the Heart" - to work for peace in our hearts and in the world. 

Never Give Up

HH XIV Dalai Lama

Never give up.
No matter what is going on,
Never give up.

Develop the Heart.
Too much energy in your country
Is put into developing the mind.

Be compassionate.

Not just with your friends,
But with everyone.

Be compassionate.

Work for Peace
In your Heart
And in the World.
Work for Peace.

And I say again,
Never give up.
No matter what seems to be going on around you,
Never give up.


Upcoming Events


A day of immersion in Love, Ceremony, Dance, Learnings and Community

with Welcome to Gumbaynggiir Country and Smoking Ceremony led by Micklo Jarrett

Sunday 21 April 10am-6pm

Bellingen Memorial Hall

Cost $85
Please register here

We also invite you to gift directly to Mare and OzGREEN.

For more information contact [email protected]

Co-Led by Mare Cromwell, internationally–known Gaia Communicator, Priestess, Healer and Author, and Sue Lennox, Teacher, Inspirer, Change-maker, grandmother and gardener.

We are delighted to welcome Mare Cromwell to our region to share her journey with Earth Mother through ceremony and story telling.

Indigenous peoples all over the world honour Earth Mother. Their medicine people can communicate directly with her. Come and experience creative ways to honour and connect with Earth Mother through ceremony, dance, meditation/activation and Love. Numerous people have experienced this activation and shared rather magical stories afterwards.

There is a New World birthing during these interesting times and we are all called to be midwives to it by deeply connecting with Earth Mother. Come learn more about how you can be more proactive in your midwife role.

We will weave the weekend with sacred dances from Dances of Universal Peace (DUP). The dances come from many cultures and traditions. They embody the intention of peace for the world and are a joyous way to touch our spiritual essence.

Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author & Healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. She has devoted her life to serving the Great Mother. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible” & “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”. Mare has studied with Native American elders for 23 years. One gifted Shoshone Elder referred to her as the “Voice of Earth Mother”. She sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid. She lives in western Maryland, USA. www.marecromwell.com

Sue Lennox is a Teacher, Inspirer, Change-maker, gardener and grandmother, who has devoted much of the the past 50 years to creating a more sustainable and peaceful world. Sue lives a simple life “off the grid” with her extended family. She is Co-founder of OzGREEN, a not for profit organisation working globally to create fairer futures through community driven change. Sue has been part of the Dances of Universal Peace network for over 20 years and recently began training as Dance Leader. Her spirit journey is focused on living in harmony with the Earth and draws on the wisdom of Indigenous Elders, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi mystical traditions.

Annie Rayner is a Leader and Mentor with Dances of Universal Peace, Australia. After raising a family Annie studied and then worked in various areas of community health and welfare services, particularly for women. She is now re-fired and retired.
Annie has been offering workshops, meditations, seasonal rituals and earth based spirituality for 20 years. She has a particular interest in the Goddess Movement, that has been an awakening and joyous time. Annie has been a member of the Dances of Universal Peace for 13 years. The world needs creative, artistic and beautiful ways to bring peace, harmony and beauty, change and hope. The dances help to do that.

Rosa Mauvra has been studying Qi Gong for over 20 years & is trained as an instructor with White Tiger Qi Gong.

This event is co-hosted with Dances of Universal Peace Australia - NSW Mid North Coast.

Please register here

More information by emailing: [email protected]

Image with special thanks to Brenda Ferrimani www.brendaferrimanidreamart.com