OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change


Since 1992, OzGREEN has travelled to India more than 20 times

We have involved in a range of projects including:

  • Providing training and water quality testing equipment to the Sankat Mochan Foundation to establish the Swatcha Ganga Research Laboratory 
  • Filming the Swatcha Ganga video (winner of United Nations Media Peace Prize) 1994
  • Establishing Friends of the Ganges Australia in 1994
  • Participating in a 60 Minutes (Australia) film story about Swatcha Ganga Campaign 
  • Establishing the Swatcha Ganga Environmental Education Centre at Tulsi Ghat 1999.
  • Designing and raising funds for mini-tube wells. 
  • Installing numerous mini tube wells in a number of villages to provide clean drinking water benefiting over 10,000 people. 
  • Delivering youth action river programs involving hundreds of Benares school children 
  • Speaking about the Sankat Mochan Fountation at a TEDX talk in California 
  • Engaging over 4,000 youth in other environmental leadership programs since 2002
  • Training 50 YOUth LEADing the World Facilitators in Varanasi
  • Upgrading the Swatcha Ganga Research Laboratory in 2018
  • Helping to establish a new Mothers for Mother group to engage women in the campaign for Clean Ganga