OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Lena Hammond - Youth Leading the World Program Manager

lhammond.jpgFrom rural roots to big city life, extensive travel around Australia and a jaunt or two overseas, Lena has seen enough to know that big changes are absolutely necessary if we’re going to survive living on one planet. With a love of the great outdoors, history and drawing, Lena studied a BSc in Ecology, Heritage Management and Landscape Architecture. Her work background has also been varied and included visitor management at the National Museum of Australia and marketing for a social enterprise selling organic local food. Committed to social justice and nurturing a green thumb, Lena spent months volunteering to improve the lives of at risk youth through urban farming in Olympia, USA. With a passion for life long learning Lena is currently studying a second degree in Environmental Education. Lena has a special interest in food security and is on a mission to help and encourage as many people as she can to live sustainably.