OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Youth Leading the World (YLTW)

yltwfacilitationtraining-newsletter-small.jpgOzGREEN has trained 75 new facilitators during February and March, bringing our grand total to 705.

YLTW trainings were conducted in:

Varanasi India (in partnership with Sankat Mochan Foundation)
Kathmandu Nepal (in partnership with South Asia Foundation)
Katoomba NSW (in partnership with Blue Mountains City Council).

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Inspiring YLTW Story: Kate Field

Kate Field awarded Katrina Dawson Foundation Scholarship

katiefield-newslettermay16.jpgCongratulations to Youth Leading the World (YLTW) Facilitator and OzGREEN Ambassador, Kate Field, who is one of three inaugural recipients of the Katrina Dawson Foundation scholarships, set up by the family of Sydney Siege victim Katrina Dawson.

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India & Nepal Trip February 2016

yltw-india1.jpgIn February 2016 OzGREEN Co-Founder and CEO Sue Lennox was accompanied on a trip to India and Nepal by YLTW Facilitators Ruby Tavener and Ali Thwaites. Ruby and Ali raised their own funds to cover costs as well as making a donation to the Sankat Mochan Foundation. They played a key role in YLTW Facilitator Trainings in Varanasi and Kathmandu.

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Nepal Re-Construction & Facilitator Training

nepal-newsletter.jpgNepal is still recovering from the devastating effects of the April 2015 Earthquake where thousands of lives were lost, homes destroyed and basic services have still not been returned in many areas. As part of the February 2016 trip, the OzGreen team travelled to the Sindhupalchok region, one of the worst affected in Nepal where re-construction support is planned.  OzGreen also trained 26 new Youth Leading the World Facilitators in Nepal.

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YLTW Facilitator Training in The Blue Mountains

YLTW-Fac-training-bluemountains-intropic.jpgYouth in the Blue Mountains are poised for action after an inspiring Facilitator Training was held late March in Katoomba, in partnership with the Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC). It was attended by members of the BMCC Youth Council, BMCC Staff, as well as students from Sydney, Darwin and the Central Coast.

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Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

ger-steppingstones-newsletter.jpgThe Great Eastern Ranges Initiative’s (GER) Stepping Stones project has been getting some great media attention. The Stepping Stones project is facilitated by OzGreen, in partnership with Muswellbrook Shire Council, Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment and Conservation Volunteers Australia. The project is supported by a grant from the Australian Government.

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