OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Past Projects

We work around Australia and the world enabling people and communities to take action to become leaders of positive social change and improve their environment. 


Here we profile some examples of our projects and initiatives we are proud to partner with.

Great Eastern Ranges


A continental scale connectivity conservation program, aiming to connect landscapes along the Great Eastern Ranges from Western Victoria to Far North Queensland.

The Great Eastern Ranges was a partnership of over 240 organisations working across 12 regions. OzGREEN was involved since 2007 as lead partner of the Hunter Regional Partnership.

Working alongside project partners Muswellbrook Council, Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment, Conservation Volunteers Australia and many others, we have revegetated and restored over 1000ha of land across the Hunter Valley.

These areas are designed to act as "stepping stones" linking up fragmented areas of bushland across the region, assisting with the movement of fauna across the landscape and providing habitat for critically endangered species such as the Regent Honeyeater.

For more information on the whole Great Eastern Ranges project see www.ger.org.au.

MyRiver Bellinger 2016


OzGREEN worked with a dynamic group of young people from Bellingen to investigate river health. 

Key Impacts: 

  • Tested 8 sites on Bellinger River upstream of Lavenders Bridge. Testing involved a 14-point assessment of riparian zone and testing for dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, temperature, phosphates, pH, turbidity, Feacal coliform (that’s 168 tests!)
  • Met together at Youth Hub for 3 days to analyse our results, measure our Eco-footprints, learn about global challenges like climate change, decide on the issues of most importance to us and plan what we were going to do to create change.
  • Young participants came up with an amazing action plan to produce and promote specially designed "Turtles are Keepers" KeepCups to distribute around the cafes of Bellingen and further afield seeking to raise funds, raise awareness, and discourage the use of disposable cups. These keep-cups continue to help raise funds for the Bellingen Riverwatch project. 

More about MyRiver Bellinger 2016

MyRiver Bellinger 2014

OzGREEN jumped into action as soon as it became evident that the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle was dangerously close to becoming extinct.

Key Impacts: 

  • Youth participation in real world science.
  • Youth voice and vision for the future of their river.
  • Innovative action plans developed to achieve this vision.
  • Strengthened youth capacity to measure, analyse, reflect, plan, vision and act.
  • Strengthened whole catchment thinking and links between schools and their communities.
  • Increased commitment to environmental stewardship and water conservation.
  • Increased active youth participation in the democratic process and civil society.
  • The young people organised the "Festival for Our Future" at Northbank Community Garden, to raise community awareness about riverhealth. The event drew nearly 500 people - clearly the people of Bello care about their river and want to support their young people. 

More about MyRiver Bellinger 2014

Freshwater High School Project

Winner UN Media Peace Prize 1991


Freshwater High School students stepped up to change their community and care for their local creek after a major pollution event. This journey led teachers Sue and Colin Lennox to establish OzGREEN in 1993.

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