OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Resilient Communities Resources

MODULE 1 - Climate Resilience

Background Reading

Top ten ways to stop climate change

140 year heat map

Shocking ice cap melt in Antarctic after record heat

First recorded Antarctic heat wave 

Four climate tipping points the planet is facing

Nine tipping points now active 

Climate emergency, world may have crossed tipping points

Countries from Siberian to Australia are burning

Arctic may have crossed key threshold

More volcanic eruptions as the planet warms

Current volcanic eruptions

25 myths about climate change

Acidic Ocean dissolving crab shells

Scientist narrow the expected heating from CO2 rise


MODULE 2 - Water Resilience

Background Reading and  Resources

SES Home Emergency Plan

SES Get Ready NSW

SES Flood resources

SES Before a Flood know your risk

Planning for a Flood Event - Bellingen Shire Council

Bellingen Coastal Zone Management Study

Bellingen Drought Management Plan 2012

Bellingen Flood Risk Maps 2016

Adapt NSW Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative

Understanding and adapting to Climate Change, NSW

NSW Health Staying Healthy during and after Floods

NSW Health Maintaining Health during and after floods and storms

Get out of sinking car

Sewerage and Storm Water

Bellingen 2019, warmest and driest ever

SES Tsunami Evacuation Map NSW

Australian Bureau of Meteorology - Tsunami

1960 Tsunami Movie

What to do in a Tsunami

Water Footprint

The Water Footprint Assessment Manual

Water Saving Tips


MODULE 3 - Food Resilience

Background Reading and  Resources

UN Food and Agriculture Report 2020 

1.8C temperature rise on land

How AI could feed the world

Sustainable Food Manual 

Food shortage concerns in China 

Locust plague in Africa

10 biggest threats

Hungry caterpillar arrived in Australia

Farmers go beyond seeking to be sustainable to regenerate agriculture ecosystems  

Kiss the Ground - Movie

Learning to love weeds

The future of farming is human scale 

The need to grow movie 

Small scale organic only way to feed the world

Food sovereignty

Seed savers 



MODULE 4 - Energy Resilience

Background Reading and  Resources

Big Oil's climate plans fail at every metric

Australia's gas-led recovery likely to lead to stranded assets

Fossil gas projects postponed in Australia represent an annual climate impact more than half of Australia's Annual Emissions

Local Power Plan - Helen Haines MP Independent Federal Member for Indi. Australian Local Power Agency to deliver innovative schemes & establish 50 hubs in regional centres across Australia 

No Prime Minister gas doesn't work

Microgrids and neighbourhood power sharing set to transform how we use energy 

Australian energy update

Wind and Solar aren't to blame for soaring power prices 

Solar Cookers 

Instructions on how to build a solar cooker


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