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Ruby's Reflections

ruby-blog3.jpgEarlier this year in February, Ruby Tavener – one of OzGREEN’s youth ambassadors travelled with fellow ambassador Ali Thwaits and CEO Sue Lennox to India and Nepal to help train 30 new Youth Leading the World facilitators. Now back in Australia and beginning university, Ruby reflects on her experience.

“It’s all a little bit blurry if I’m honest. A month, so full of new experiences and emotions, new people and new places, it’s hard to preserve each day as their own. When I think back on OzGREEN’s 2016 Varanasi trip, I remember how dearly I came to care about everyone at the Sankat Mochan Foundation, and of course Ali and Sue, I recall the feeling of watching the sun rise over Ganga, my first rickshaw ride, the sadness and pain I felt when I saw Nagwa Nalla- a massive drain outlet into Ganga. I’ll never forget the bubbling methane, the bottomless blackness of the river. I think about the joy I felt at the end of each training day, how proud and honored I felt to simply be there, the unreal sight of the Himalayas.

I think of how powerful being apart of OzGREEN makes me feel, overseas and in Australia. Just the other day, I flooded my newly rented, and carpeted apartment because I forgot I had a bath running- I felt like I was failing ‘adult’ life. Then I remembered what I did in Febuary, what OzGREEN allowed me to realise that I’m capable of, what I’m going to do.

OzGREEN has inspired me to take a step forward in my life and future career as a humanitarian. I had deferred my university studies, however after this experience I couldn’t imagine spending a whole year doing nothing. I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the social and environmental tragedies of the world. What I can do is start studying International Development Studies- a bachelor degree that will continue to inspire me as much as OzGreen has.”

The OzGREEN movement, that you are a part of, is inspiring young people across Australia and globally. But in the coming years we will need your help if we want to reach more young people like Ruby.  




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