OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Our Story


Sue Lennox, 2020 NSW Senior Australian of the Year, Co-Founder OzGREEN with OzGREEN CEO Anton Juodvalkis. 

We believe that when informed and connected, people have the skill and ingenuity to solve the biggest challenges the world faces for a safe and equitable future.

OzGREEN is an independent not-for-profit that was founded in 1992. Our unique approach incorporates citizen science, transformative sustainability education, participatory leadership and community development; all centred on enabling community driven sustainability solutions. 

OzGREEN is one of the leading citizen science organisations in Australia and has a long history of working in the Murray-Darling region, India and East Timor. 

Under the leadership of Sue Lennox, Co-Founder and former CEO, OzGREEN has worked with over 1,600 communities globally and trained 50,000 environmental leaders. Over past 2 years since Co-Founder Col Lennox died, the organisation has had major setbacks. In 2019, OzGREEN is delighted to introduce Anton Juodvalkis as CEO. Anton has been a member of the OzGREEN Board for over 2 years. Read More

“It is now more than ever we need OzGREEN in the world. There is a very small window of opportunity to tackle big challenges like climate change and the Murray-Darling. Youth have a key role to play. It is great to have Anton bring new energy and commitment to help OzGREEN achieve even greater impact. There are enormous opportunities at this time.

- Sue Lennox, Co-Founder, OxGREEN

OzGREEN engages, equips and enables people to become leaders of positive social change. OzGREEN educates people around the world, enabling them to take action to improve their environment.



"OzGREEN’s Youth Leading the World educational and leadership program is revolutionary in that it engages youth and applies the concept of exponential growth to solve the urgent environmental problems that confront us.  No-one else is doing this."

  - Anton Juodvalkis, CEO, OzGREEN


"Protesting is necessary but not sufficient. Yes, it's important. But it's asking someone else to change. We need to be the change."

  - Sue Lennox, NSW 2020 Senior Australian of the Year, Co-Founder OzGREEN