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Switch Your Super

The world is rapidly running out of time to act on climate change. According to a recent report by the Climate Institute Australia could burn through its "fair share" of carbon within six years.

At the 2015 Paris climate talks, 195 nations agreed to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, effectively giving the world an extremely limited carbon budget to operate within. Australia is clearly not on track to meet that target.

OzGREEN are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Future Super, Australia’s first fossil fuel free and carbon neutral super fund, to help our members to further reduce their carbon footprint!

Australians collectively have $2 trillion in their super funds. Shockingly, most super funds invest your money in harmful, heavily polluting industries like coal, oil and gas.

There’s something you can do to fix that.

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There’s huge potential to use our super money to not only build wealth for retirement, but create a better world. Future Super does just that.

Future Super are providing strong returns for members, while funding activities that are making a positive impact for our environment and our community.

Future Super is Australia’s first super fund to be 100% fossil fuel free.

Help work for a safe climate by going fossil fuel free: switch.myfuturesuper.com.au