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A vision for a plastic free Earth and Sea

A big thank you this month goes out to our friends at Tierra y Mar Aus for donating a sustainable living pack worth over  $60 for our 'Youth Leading the World Competition'. Emma Williams and her mother are on a mission to create and sell Earth-friendly products to replace single-use plastic. 


We spoke to Emma about where she got the idea and inspiration to start a business to reduce plastic:

"It was whilst travelling through Spain & South America that I realised how much of a problem plastic pollution is. Plastic is everywhere. It is now believed that the plastic in our oceans now out number all marine life. It clogs our waterways and kills our beautiful wildlife. It is a material that lasts forever yet is mainly used only once and thrown away. But it never just goes "away." It was from witnessing first hand the immense scale of plastic pollution that I decided I wanted to make a difference. Tierra y Mar was born. Tierra y Mar means Earth & Sea in Spanish. My beautiful mother and I are creating these products to replace single-use plastic. We are creating these products for the health of the earth and the sea."

You can learn more about Tierra y Mar Australia and follow them on Facebook here www.facebook.com/tierraymaraus

If you'd like to purchase any of their products go to www.etsy.com/shop/TierraYMarAustralia

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