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YLTW Facilitator Training India Feb 2016


Youth Leading the World (YLTW) Facilitator Training was held at Tulsi Ghat, Varanasi, India in early February 2016, in partnership with the Sankat Mochan Foundation (SMF). The training was well attended with 40 participants from local schools and Benares Hindu University.

The training was run by Sue Lennox, Ali Thwaites and Ruby Tavener from OzGREEN and Rajesh Mishra, Gopal Pandey, Ashok Pandey from SMF, with support from Diptesh Pandey.

Ruby and Ali made a huge difference to the program. It was fantastic to have a youth team involved” said Sue Lennox.
Ali Thwaites, indicated that the training has really made a difference. “It has given these really keen young people the opportunity to focus their efforts and passions on something really important and worthwhile” she said. “It has provided them with some of the skills they need to be able to act on their concerns, particularly in relation to the health of the Ganga.”

This training has helped to create a team of motivated young people and skilled facilitators to help campaigning for action on cleaning the Ganga.”

SMF plan to run a YLTW congress later in the year.

Outcomes of YLTW Varanasi facilitator training:

Top Concerns:

  1. Population 
  2. Lack of awareness, responsibility and education 
  3. Discharge of untreated sewage in river Ganges
  4. Air pollution 
  5. Climate change, food and water insecurity and loss of biodiversity

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