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YLTW Facilitator Training Kathmandu March 2016


YLTW Facilitator training was held at the Royal Mountain Travel Nepal office in Kathmandu, Nepal over 2 days in late February 2016. Around 30 young people attended the training with attendees including young tourism professionals, teachers, university students and high school students. Training was initiated by OzGreen, in partnership with the South Asia Foundation-Nepal.
Nepal is in a time of trauma and crisis in the wake of the 2015 earthquake and the following blockade and fuel crisis. This training provided an opportunity for young people to talk about the impact of the earthquake and to look forward to what paths to take next. It also provided these young people who might be working in the field of tourism to think beyond their job descriptions to what some of the activities are that they could do to make their communities better places.

The training was facilitated by Sue Lennox, Shailaja Kasaju, Bhuvan Poudal, Ali Thwaites and Ruby Tavener.

“It was wonderful to meet Shailaja and Bhuvan in person. They have both previously completed YLTW Facilitator Training online. It was really important to have them involved and bringing a Nepalese perspective” said Sue Lennox.

“Ruby and Ali both made a huge contribution, organising the logistics and inspiring participants with their commitment and enthusiasm” said Sue.

Nepal YLTW Facilitator Training Top Concerns:
1a. Poverty
1b. Child labour / human trafficking (7 votes each)

2a. Dependency on foreign aid
2b. Lack of green space. (6 votes each)

3a. Caste discrimination
3b. Lack of Youth Platform (5 votes each)

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