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YLTW Changemakers

Many YOUth LEADing the World (YLTW) Facilitators have gone on to achieve great things and gain significant recognition. Here, we profile some of their stories. 



Kate Field

Youth Leading the World (YLTW) Facilitator and OzGREEN Ambassador, Kate Field, received the 2016 Katrina Dawson Foundation Scholarship.

“Winning the scholarship is a once in a life time opportunity to gain an education at a world class institution”, Kate said. “It is empowering to be surrounded by such like-minded and motivated women.”

Kate attributes much of her success to the first YLTW congress she attended in her home town in Muswellbrook in 2013.

“Attending my first congress sparked a huge change in my life. I became more conscious of community and more conscious of the world.” She said. “I really feel that I have my experience with YLTW to thank for my scholarship and also in helping me to decide on what I wanted to study.” Kate is studying a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments. “Had I not gone to YLTW, I probably would not have chosen this degree. After the 2013 YLTW congress, I knew I wanted to work to improve the environment for the rest of my life.”

Following Kate’s first congress, she became involved in the YLTW regional group which gave her the opportunity to attend the national congress later in the year which she found “amazing”. Kate also became involved in the OzGreen regeneration project for which she gave an impressive speech on behalf of OzGreen at the 2014 World Parks Congress.

Kate has been a Lions Youth of the Year State contender for 2 years running. She attributes much of her success in public speaking to her experience with YLTW.

“YLTW improves your interpersonal skills so much. It builds confidence, public speaking skills and makes you much more aware and more sensitive to people.” Kate said.“It provides a fantastic environment, giving young people the confidence to go out and speak to people, politicians and schools, to make real changes!”

Kate summarised the important role she feels that YLTW has the potential to play in young people’s lives.

In Year 9 or 10, most kids don’t know where they are heading and high school feels like it will go on forever. YLTW can help to provide direction and empower young people. As part of YLTW, teenagers are treated as young adults that can actually make a difference in the world. You realise you are not a child anymore and can really do something in your school, your community and your environment. YLTW was instrumental in helping me to become a leader. We all stepped up and grew into ourselves and became more confident.

Kate is an inspiration to other young people getting involved in YLTW and is well deserving of her success. Read more about Kate's award from Sydney Morning Herald article and Newcastle Herald article.

Jaden Harris

Jaden Harris, OzGREEN Board Member and Youth Leading the World Facilitator, attended the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris as part of the youth delegation. 

“There is a tiny window for action remaining, before it becomes too costly and too late. The elders of the world have a deep obligation to the youth of the world and those yet to be born”. 

Jaden participated in OzGREEN’s Youth Leading the World program in 2009, as a 14 year old. He was deeply inspired and decided to join with friends to act and set the Sydney Youth Climate Action Network. SYCAN organised youth green events and participated in community events to raise awareness about action for climate change.  Jaden was winner of the NSW/ACT Young Achiever of the Year 2015. “It is clear that the time to act is now” said Jaden.

Ruby Tavener

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