OzGREEN programs connect youth with communities to become leaders of innovative sustainable social change

Youth Action Plans

Engaging participants in designing locally relevant systems for follow-up support as they implement their action plans is a critical success factor for YLTW. The process for doing this is built-in to the YLTW Congress.

In 2007 OzGREEN won the Eureka Prize for our Youth in Action programs. These programs (launched at YLTW congresses) demonstrated that young people can drive the transition to sustainability in their communities. Youth in Action begins where other programs finish with young people learning to be sustainability leaders by designing and undertaking their own projects.


Pictured: participants from YLTW Bellingen in 2014 - Action Plan : Festival for Our Future

Case Study: Project Seres, Guatemala

Corrina Grace founded Project Seres in Guatemala in 2009. In 2010 Corrina participated in YLTW Facilitator Training online, running the first YLTW Congress in Guatemala in November of that year. Following the resounding success of this program, Corrina realised the potential for youth focused leadership and a transformational approach to youth engagement, education and empowerment. YLTW became a seed for creating a new movement and organsation. Seres have gone on to engage over 2500 youth through 107 programs. Seres were winners of the UNESCO Prize 2015.



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OzGreen trains teams of participants from communities around Australia and the world to become YLTW Facilitators and join the OzGREEN team. Real-time live online training is an option that makes YLTW accessible even to remote communities.
OzGREEN supports these teams to organise and facilitate empowering youth leadership and sustainability 'Youth Leading the World' congresses around the world.
Youth implement local Action Plans designed during YLTW congress
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