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Thursday, 26 March 2015 22:44
Community Action to Revive our River

Through citizen science, learning & leadership & riparian restoration

We are proposing five steps to engage our community:

Step one: OzGREEN is seeking partners who would like to join with us to 'Revive Our River'.

Step two: Engaging local landholders and schools to conduct a mega community catchment snapshot of river and riparian health of 100 sites across the whole Bellinger, Never Never and Kalang River basins.

Step three: Conducting a 2-day Youth River Congress and Community Forum to report on results of the catchment snapshot and plan community actions.

Step four: Participating landholders commit to restoring their riparian zone;

Step five: Landholders invite their neighbours to join then in restoring their riparian zone;

OzGREEN actively seeks resources and funding to help – including donations from the public, applying for relevant grants & launching a crowd funding campaign. (details to follow).

For more information contact Sue Lennox on 02 6655 2180 or you can DONATE HERE

MyRiver Bello Turtle Program activites, outcomes and background info here

Article by Ricky Spencer - 'Turtle extinction event bodes ill for our waterways' March 25th


Monday, 02 March 2015 01:01


The GREEN Games need your support
to get it underway in 2015!

Click in the box To learn more about The Timor Leste Youth In Action Green Games and support the games!

The Timor Leste Youth in Action Green Games were first held in 2008 by OzGREEN and Green TL because of the popularity of sport throughout East Timor. The number of people involved was indicative of the enthusiasm the Games engendered with 780 participants taking part. This has grown to become a much anticipated annual event and now has over 1100 participants and well over 1000 spectators to each of the games.
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 03:03

10 - 11 March - Swan Hill, Victoria

26 - 27 March - Blue Mountains, NSW

21 - 24 April - Wooglemai Environment Information Centre (high School kids only)

2 - 3 June - Muswellbrook, Hunter Valley, NSW


All workshops available for real time live on-line participation and some scholarships available.   Contact Sue Lennox on (02) 6655 2180.

Facilitator Training Program Guides

Guides provide more information about YLTW Facilitator Training, what to expect and how you will benefit:

About YLTW Facilitator Training  

Benefits of becoming an OZGREEN YLTW Facilitator 


Tuesday, 09 December 2014 09:17

The new Stepping Stones Website was officially lauched in November.  Check it out. It is full of information about the project, how to get involved and great case studies about this dynamic project - connecting people... connecting nature.



Friday, 14 November 2014 01:40

Having only just returned from completing water testing training to a group of indigenous youth in Guatemala, Sue headed off again this week to Baden Powell Scout Centre in Sydney to inspire another group of youth.   Together with Wendy Goldstein from Macquaire University, they kick off a new and exciting research project, supported by a NSW Environment Trust Research grant, which aims to reconnect youth with nature.  Specifically The research is to explore with young people how to bring about change amongst young people to value and care for nature.

Friday, 31 October 2014 04:24


OzGREEN was a finalist in the NSW Green Globe Awards in the category "Community Sustainability Awards" and a group of OzGREEN Facilitators and volunteers attended the Awards Night on 30th October 14. While OzGREEN didn't win it was a great honour to have made it through to the final 3 and we should be proud of it!

Very inspiring evening and good to see that so many great initiatives are being rolled out by businesses, local governments and NGOs even thought the federal government is doing next to nothing. Grassroots power!!

Next year perhaps we can think about entering one or more of our bright young stars in the "Youth Sustainability Champion" category.  

Congratulations to OzGREEN and Youth Leading the World.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 01:03

WWF Sustainable Watershed Management

Early in 2014 Seres project manager, Corrina Grace, secured a grant to allow Sue and Colin to travel to Guatemala to conduct water testing training for the Seres Team. This was part of the WWF Sustainable Watershed Management Fund. Sue and Col travelled to Guatemala on 14th October and have been in the thick of the Rainforest since, conducting training in water testing techniques with the Seres Team.  

Monday, 13 October 2014 05:54

AnnualReportCover2014The OzGREEN Annual Report is now online, click here to download!

AGM was held in Sydney on Mon 13th October 2014, with the new Board of Directors elected as follows:

Mark Caddey - Chairman
Colin Lennox - Treasurer
Sue Lennox - Secretary
Sharyn Wilson 
Michelle Walker
Jaden Harris
Andrew Graham
Jody Hammond
Richard Jones 
Full bio's will be published shortly.  See About for more on our Staff, Board Members and Changemakers


Monday, 15 September 2014 04:42
Monday, 15 September 2014 02:02

Students who attended the MyRiver Bremer program in Ipswich in March this year are accompanying Sue Lennox and taking their findings to the 17th International River Symposium in Canberra this week.  The integrated conference brings together the disciplines of science, governance, planning, community, education, Indigenous peoples and much more. Riversymposium provides a forum to encourage and foster innovation, collaboration and integration.  A report on the outcome of the Symposium will be posted after the event.

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